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Basic Training


Basic Training is geared for adolescent and adult dogs that are over five months of age.   Basic training knowledge and skills is vital to all family members who have a canine living with them.  to create a successful canine and human family relationship, it is recommended that all family participants who are of the proper age and maturity, participate in the basic training program.


The course follows a positive reinforcement method of training and covers verbal and manual commands along with techniques used towards teaching the dogs to:


        Watch me (making eye contact)

        Settle down


        Controlled Heel-Walking

        Heel with an automatic Sit


        Sit-Stay with breaking eye contact

        Left turn, Right turn, About turn

        Lie-Down, Down-Stay with breaking eye contact

        Recall command (come/front-sit)

        Finish Positioning


Tools used for training:

Six-foot dog leash, training collar could be, but are not limited to a Buckle collar, Slip Chain/ Choke collar, Greyhound collar, Martingale collar, Gentle Leader, Head Halti, German Prong collar, and Snoot-loop.


The Basic Training program is a one hour training session that runs one day a week for six weeks.  All canines are required to be current on all vaccinations and in good health as well as their human partner.  Current veterinary treatment of shots/ vaccinations and physical exam records showing the dog to be in good overall health is required at the first day of class.  All human participants under the age of 15 must be supervised by their guardian and their participation is solely at the instructor's discretion.