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Rally Obedience

Rally-O Training is geared for adolescent and adult dogs that are over five months of age.  Competition begins at six months of age or older.

Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler work as a team to complete a course that has been designed by the rally judge. The judge tells the handler to begin, and the dog and handler proceed at a brisk, but normal, pace with the dog under control within a 2-foot area at the handler's left side. There should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler both during the numbered exercises and between the exercise signs; however, perfect "heel position" is not required.  The team of dog and handler moves continuously at their own pace through a course of designated stations (10 - 20, depending on the level). Each of these stations has a sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed. Scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience.

The Rally-O program is a one-hour training session that runs one day a week for six weeks.  All dogs are required to be current on all vaccinations and in good health, as well as their human partner.  Current veterinary treatment of shots/ vaccinations and physical exam records showing the dog to be in good overall health is required at the first day of class.


All human participants under the age of 15 must be supervised by their guardian and their participation is solely at the instructor’s discretion.