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Agility is a wonderful way of developing a stronger bond between owner and canine. this is a great opportunity for the human and canine to work together as a team, stay active, and channel their energy.  This sport is made up of healthy canines who are large or small, young or old, fast or slow, a pure-breed or mixed breed and is partnered together with a human who loves to spend time with them. The human partner communicates with their canine through verbal and hand signal commands while maneuvering through an obstacle course. Each obstacle course is different and could consist of hurdles, hoops, a tire jump, a dog walk plank, an A-Frame structure, tunnels, shoots, a teeter-totter, and weave poles.

The Training for Agility program is geared towards canines and their owners who have completed a basic or higher type of training, or at the instructor’s discretion.  This program is for family canines and their humans who would like to continue staying active and channel their energy.  All canines are required to be current on all vaccinations and in good health as well as their human partner. Current veterinary treatment of shots/ vaccinations and physical exam records showing the canine to be in good overall health is required at the first day of class. Items required for class: six-foot leash and a buckle collar.

The Agility program I have developed is a combination of standards taken from the American Kennel Club (AKC), the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA). The program I offer is geared towards the family pet and the humans who love them. This program gives the dog and human partner a good foundation in obedience, handling, confidence, self control and the patience it takes to "Train for Agility".

The Training for Agility program is a one-hour training session that runs one day a week for six weeks. For safety reasons, each class will have a limit of no more than six dogs and their human partners.

After completing the Training for Agility program, students can continue practicing their skills by enrolling in "Running the Course". These sessions allow the canine and handler the freedom to put their skills to work and run the course. The Running the Course program is a one-hour session, one day a week for eight weeks.

All human participants under the age of 15 must be supervised by their guardian and their participation is solely at the instructor’s discretion.